WSDG and Affecting Change Sign MOU


affecting chance wsdg sustainable architectureWaterloo Sustainable Development Group (WSDG) Chief Strategic Officer, Ian Chow, and Affecting Change Inc CEO, Sandra Lester, have signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding that paves the way for cooperation in sustainable architecture and sustainable development.

Affecting Change Inc., an architectural firm based in Toronto, Canada focuses on green building design and sustainable development. Key projects include the the Humber River Hospital LEED certification and the environmentally sustainable Fogo Island Inn, which helped increase local empowerment and economic development capacity in the Newfoundland and Labrador island.

This agreement brings together two organizations with shared interests in pursuing carbon reduction, net zero carbon footprint housing, supporting local ecosystem services, and maintaining green spaces through the implementation of sustainable architecture creating spaces that will increase community empowerment, development and interaction. With this agreement, Canada-wide and international projects can be pursued to push the proliferation of green development.

Commenting on the MoU, Mr. Chow said, “This MoU will be instrumental in sustainable development. Sustainable architecture addresses a large part of energy usage as it is used to power homes, keep them warm and cool, and for cooking. Sustainable architecture can also be integrated into supporting the local ecosystem services as well to help manage externalities produced by built form and it’s production. This is essential to our ever increasing global population as we must support ecosystem services, which are the foundation of our entire human livelihoods. By creating a symbiotic relationship with the environment and human built form, we will be able to truly continue mankind’s existence on this green and blue earth.”

For her part, Ms. Lester said, “It is a pleasure to work together under this cooperative agreement MOU with a firm that has the deep understanding that sustainable green buildings are a social issue, both logistically in the decision making process that is required to decide to develop them and motivationally due to the positive impact potential that they have on our society.”



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