WSDG and Jordan’s ABCD Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement


Waterloo Sustainable Development Group (WSDG) Chief Executive Officer Tarek AlFarra and Laith Al-Qassem, Chairman of Jordan’s Arabian Business Consultants for Development (ABCD) have signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding that paves the way for cooperation in a multitude of sustainable development-related fields that include renewable energy, water management, agriculture, trade and economic development.

The agreement, signed at ABCD’s headquarters in the Jordanian capital city, Amman, brings together two organizations with shared interests in the proliferation of modern and innovative sustainable technologies and practices and engaging in economic development. It also builds on the solid relations that exist between Canada and Jordan and the Canada-Jordan Free Trade Agreement, in force since October 2012.

Commenting on the MoU, Alfarra said, “This agreement is groundbreaking. It puts in motion the exploration of avenues of cooperation across multiple fields in the sphere of sustainable development and lays the foundation for substantial collaboration between Canadian and Jordanian development practitioners in capacity building, export promotion and sustainable technology and practices proliferation in Jordan, Canada and beyond.”

“The opportunities are abundant and the onus is on like-minded groups like ours to begin to collaborate to bring about the positive change that we all seek. We are proud to cement this synergistic partnership with ABCD.” he added.

Al-Qassem of Arab Business Consultants for Development and AlFarra of Waterloo Sustainable Development Group signs cooperation Memorandum of Understanding
Al-Qassem and AlFarra sign MoU

For his part, Al-Qassem stated that “signing the MoU with the Canadian Waterloo Sustainable Development Group is a concrete first step in developing commercial relations with Canada. Of particular interest to ABCD is getting access to some of Canada’s promising technologies particularly in renewable energy, water technologies and technology based agriculture, all of which have developmental potential in Jordan and the Middle East. Furthermore, ABCD is happy to have a trusted partner in the Waterloo Sustainable Development Group to potentially facilitate and guide ABCD in developing export opportunities in North America for its clients.”


Arabian Business Consultants for Development (ABCD) is an economic development consulting company established in Jordan in 2003. ABCD is broad and multi-disciplinary and works in the three complementary and necessary dimensions (Enterprise, NGOs and Governments) for development. The ability to work along and influence multiple dimensions with various parties has enabled ABCD to maintain a common and integrated developmental philosophy for the countries in which it works. This method leads to the development of a common understanding among stakeholders which results in impactful development synergies.

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