WSDG Founders & Consultants

The Waterloo Sustainable Development Group’s company leadership is comprised of a team of internationally well-rounded and highly educated development practitioners and consultants, each specializing in a particular discipline in the field of sustainable development. These disciplines include renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and water management, local economic development, program management support, program monitoring, gender equality, youth empowerment and sustainable waste management. READ MORE

tarekTarek AlFarra, Chief Executive Officer

Tarek AlFarra brings a wealth of knowledge to WSDG with over 16 years of experience in international ministerial-level advisory work, international development, mass communication, entrepreneurship and international trade.

Prior to joining WSDG, his employers included the United Nations, government ministries, diplomatic missions, international news channels and a number of international businesses. READ MORE

ianIan Chow, Chief Strategic Officer

Ian Chow’s diverse background in community and grassroots engagement, partnership outreach, communication and experience in the United Nations Development Program offers Waterloo Sustainable Development Group a unique perspective and encompassing approach. READ MORE


Amr ElAlfyAmr ElAlfy, Chief Business Development Officer

Amr has over 7-years experience in business development in multinational conglomerates, namely Nestlé and 3M, where he was leading the Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility functions for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) Region. His expertise is applied in the areas of Research, Program Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Impact Measurement, and Capacity Development.

head shotNicole Maynard-Li, Chief Community Development Officer

Nicole Maynard-Li is a development practitioner who has been traveling and working abroad for the past 10 years. Mainly focusing on projects relating to education and community development, she has since learned to apply her diverse skills in the areas of gender equality, economic development, project management, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Results Based Management (RBM) techniques for successful project development. READ MORE

Senior Consultants

Dr. Samia AlFarra, Senior International Education Consultant

With over 40 years of a stellar career in international education, Dr. Samia AlFarra is a world-renowned and award-winning authoritative figure in school improvement and excellence in education (K-12). In addition to her position as Senior International Education Consultant at WSDG, she currently serves on 3 International School boards in Dubai, Riyadh and Kuwait. Prior to that, she was the Chief Education Officer of the Taaleem Management Group in Dubai (2009-2014) and the Principal of the Amman Baccalaureate School in Jordan (1991-2009) – the first school to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) system in the region.  She also served at the Al-Bayan Bilingual School in Kuwait (1977-1991) in a variety of leadership positions, culminating as its Director. READ MORE

Dr. Islam Elshahat, Associate Professor at Towson University, Director, Synergy Sustainable Development Group

Dr. Elshahat is an Associate professor at Towson University. He earned his MBA with Finance concentration from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime and PhD from Florida International University. Dr. Elshahat research areas are environmental performance, capital market research and bankruptcy prediction. Dr. Elshahat has extensive research and practical expertise in financial accounting and reporting, cost accounting and managerial issues, feasibility studies, and individual and corporate taxation. Dr. Elshahat is also the managing director of Synergy Sustainable Development Group, WSDG’s sister company in the USA.

Steven Hobé, CM
Strategist & CEO / Educator
Hobé+Hosokawa Inc.

Steven has been an entrepreneur in the area of marketing and communications since the early 2000’s. He is now Strategist & CEO of Hobé+Hosokawa Inc., a Certified B Corporation® and holds the designation of Chartered Marketer (CM) from the Canadian Marketing Association.

Steven has led strategy sessions with a wide range of organizations in the fields of healthcare and advocacy to sustainability, human rights, and the arts. His philosophy, and that of HH Inc., is about connecting with people – having a shared vision, and through discussion and brainstorming, seeing that vision come to life; as well as, effecting social change both at the grassroots level and from a macro perspective. Steven is also a professor of both Marketing and Consumer Behavior courses at George Brown College.

Ibrahim AlRashed, Senior Sustainable Agriculture Consultant

With over 35 years of professional experience in organizations that include IBM, where he was a senior business analyst providing top-notch technological solutions to public and private institutions and organizations in areas related to agriculture, public service, industry and banking, Mr. AlRashed is a natural team leader in finding, matching and planning the needed components of a new innovative vision or project. Initially educated in the USA with a degree in Computer Science and Business Management, Mr. AlRashed’s passions and expertise extend to sustainable agriculture where he is both an experienced farmer, inventor and innovator. With an eye for food security in dry climates, he has applied the latest sustainable agricultural farming methods in hydroponics, aquaponics, and fodder systems and has observed organic food production practices for farming and raising livestock in desert and semi-arid

climates at his model farm in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Affiliated Consultants

Elaine Ho PMP, MES
PhD Candidate, Social and Ecological Sustainability (Integrated Water Management)

Through life-long learning and transdisciplinary approaches Elaine has collaborated with people and teams from diverse disciplines in a variety of industries towards mutual learning and achieving common goals.  She is a serial entrepreneur and has contributed to the development of environmental educational materials used across Canada. READ MORE

Danielle Lindamood

Danielle Lindamood is a University of Waterloo graduate who engages in sustainability-related work around the world. She holds a Master’s of Environmental Management from the School of Environment, Enterprise, and Development and has experience in North America, West Africa, and South Asia. Currently, she works as a Research Associate and Knowledge Mobilization Manager at the University of Waterloo. Her credentials include: delivering training for highly qualified personnel, significant time engaging with youth, successful implementation of sustainability projects, facilitation of workshops, and a certificate in collaborative water resource management. She is also the co-founder of “Girls Gone Water” and a team member with the Waterloo Sustainable Development Group.

Joe Y. Battikh, B.A.Sc., M.E.B.
Ph.D. Student, Sustainability Management
School of Environment, Enterprise and Development (SEED)
University of Waterloo

Joe is a senior sustainability expert with over sixteen years of international experience in the private sector. He has a strong interest in developing corporate sustainability through economic, environmental and social development. Joe is currently a PhD student in Sustainability Management with a focus on climate change and global security at the University of Waterloo. Before returning to school to pursue his PhD, Joe was the Head of Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility and Government & Industry Relations for Ericsson in region Middle East and East Africa. He holds a Master of Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor in Applied Sciences from UQAM and is fluent in several languages.

Rachel Clements

Rachel is passionate about building individual and community well-being and resiliency. She is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Masters of Social Work Program, during which she interned as a researcher with Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region, focusing on projects related to increasing child and youth resiliency. She also interned as a clinical therapist with Carizon Family and Community Services. She has travelled to the Palestinian Territories several times, during which she provided art-based programming for children within Aida refugee camp, and researched young women’s empowerment initiatives within the region. READ MORE

Truzaar Dordi

Truzaar Dordi is an experienced researcher and doctoral candidate at the University of Waterloo, working in the fields of sustainable finance, climate policy, and risk management. As the director of the Impact Investing Group, Truzaar applies quantitative expertise in computational modelling, inferential statistics, and stochastic optimization to bridge the gap between climate risk and financial resiliency.

Prior to joining the Waterloo Sustainable Development Group, Truzaar received a Masters in Sustainability Management from the University of Waterloo where his research examined the burgeoning fossil-fuel divestment movement. READ MORE

Wei Jia

Before starting her study in Sustainable Development Management at the University of Waterloo, Wei got her MBA at Nottingham Business School in the UK and worked for the Cultural and Education Section of the British Embassy in Beijing, China, focusing on bilateral exchanges in cultural and education sections between China and the UK.  She then worked for INTASAVE-CARIBSAVE, a UK research institute focused on establishing collaboration for sustainable solutions for developing countries in their development processes. READ MORE

Phoebe Stephens

Phoebe Stephens believes that private actors have an important role to play in the transition towards a more sustainable economy. As a result, Phoebe worked in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting, helping some of Canada’s top companies such as Loblaw and Maple Leaf Foods to improve, measure and report on their environmental, social and governance performance. Currently, Phoebe is pursuing a PhD in Social and Ecological Sustainability at the University of Waterloo, researching the role of impact investing in supporting sustainable agricultural production.

Adrian D’Arbasie

With a passion and natural disposition for alternative energy technology and financial analysis, Adrian’s ultimate mission is to be a vehicle for change and help implement innovative solutions for sustainable development issues around the globe. Before joining the Sustainability Management Masters program at SEED, Adrian worked in the Financial Services sector, at the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago as well as Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago, gaining exposure to both the regulatory as well as the commercial aspect of the sector in that country. Adrian’s research interests include pursuing options for banks and other financial institutions to make their contribution to the global society and transition to a sustainable economy through investing and policy.

Adeboye Oyegunle

Adeboye Oyegunle is a sustainability professional with extensive experience in sustainable finance, environmental and social risk management and sustainable tourism. With an industry experience that spans over a decade across multiple sectors, he has extensive industry and research experience working on areas of impact investment and the development and integration of environmental and social governance in financial institutions with a focus on the impacts of environmental and social considerations on bank’s lending processes and the development of global guiding principles. He is currently a doctoral candidate in sustainability management at the University of Waterloo, where he works on the impacts of climate change on the financial sector and other areas of the economy. He also leads the global environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility team at one of the largest privately-owned travel companies in the world.