Impact Investing

Ethical investing can seem daunting. We at the Impact Investing Research Group (IIRG) understand that you want the best for the world, but you don’t want to compromise on your financial returns. Let us help you navigate through your transition towards financing a brighter future.

WSDG-IIRG is positioned to be Canada’s leading sustainable investment group committed to providing a full suite of services that supports the advancement of the sustainable development goals, while making viable profits for our investors.

In partnership with the University of Waterloo, we are the first and only Canadian owned and run sustainable investment group dedicated to enhancing value for investors while focusing on ethical and high-growth companies that promotes sustainability in diverse sectors. Through our commitment to sustainable investment, we seek to deliver strong and consistent financial returns to our investors while helping our portfolio companies build a better world.
We want to hear from you. Simply tell us about yourself, your values, and your investment goals, and we’ll take care of the rest.

View our PDF for more information on:

• How we Operate
• Divestment and Reinvestment
• Our Divestment to Reinvestment Roadmap
• ESG Risk Management
• Our Risk Management Roadmap
• Project Finance
• Our Project Finance Roadmap

Competitiveness through Differentiation

What differentiates us is the individuality that we bring to support your needs. We are a one customer non-financial risk assessor, that helps protect your finances at every turn. For us every case is different and provides an exciting way to not just create sustainable profitability, but also help protect your funds and enhance your business. We deliver a thorough assessment highlighting what is material to your business and investment decisions.