Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility (S&CR) supports companies and organizations to address challenges in the field of sustainability and corporate responsibility. We tailor solutions and services to make sustainable business a viable option for companies and organizations that favour a triple bottom line approach. Our team has the expertise to assist companies and organizations, from different industries, to perform and create value by doing business in a sustainable way.


S&CR offers solutions and services to companies and organizations that integrate S&CR concepts into their business model. We focus on the different phases that lead to properly implementing sustainability in organizations:

– Sustainability strategy planning
– Integration and implementation of sustainability strategy
– Monitoring, evaluation and reporting

Sustainability Strategy

We help companies and organizations to set sustainability and CSR strategies
through action plans and suitable targets. These strategies when integrated to the core business objectives can create social and environmental values on top of business benefits.

Services offered:

• Strategy development to address sustainability issues and trends;
• Strategy development to address the risks and opportunities related to climate change;
• Governance evaluation and restructuration to execute and improve sustainability implementation.

Integration and Implementation

The integration and implementation of the sustainability strategy can be executed into different corporate functions and management systems to identify current strengths, areas for improvements and risks. Different tools and international guidelines can be proposed for the implementation and the integration of the sustainability strategy such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), UN Global Compact, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and ISO 26000.

Sustainability and CSR Evaluation and Reporting

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility reporting offers a positive way to share progress and performance of an organization to its employees and external stakeholders. BU S&CR develops effective and credible sustainability reporting and communications for corporations and organizations.

• Provide objectives and credible evaluations and benchmarks of sustainability performance;
• Implement the appropriate reporting framework and gather the necessary information for sustainability reports;
• Develop effective and credible sustainability reporting and communications for employees and external stakeholders.